The conference will run from Wed 22nd - Fri 24th Jan 2014 at the University of Salford.

A training day for PhD students and early career researchers will be held on day 1, followed by 2 days of contributed, poster and invited presentation.

The lectures will be given by:

Matt Probert (University of York), "Ab Initio modelling of structural and electronic properties of semiconductors"

Gyaneshwar P. Srivastava (University of Exeter), "Phonons in Nanostructures"

Benjamin Hourahine (University of Strathclyde), "Empirical and semi-empirical quantum mechanical methods for semiconductor modelling"

Eoin O'Reilly (Tyndall National Institute), "Multiscale Simulation – from DFT to full device modelling"

The introductory day (22nd January) is a training event intended specifically for PhD students at the beginning of their studies, with high level lectures on the most used methodologies in the field.

Topics for contribution include:
  - Density Functional Theory Calculations
  - Tight Binding, Pseudopotential and Effective Mass Models for Electronic Structure
  - Empirical Potential Methods for Calculation of Structural Properties
  - Multiscale Approaches
  - Optical and Transport Properties of Quantum Nanostructures including Colloidals and Nanotubes
  - Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
  - Graphene
  - Laser Devices
  - Photonic Structures
  - Plasmonics
  - Electronic Devices

Invited Speakers

Peter Haynes (Imperial College London), " Linear Scaling TD-DFT"

Slawomir Lepkowski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of High Pressure Physics), "Piezoelectricity in III-Nitrides"

Ned Ekins-Daukes (Imperial College London), "Modelling of the high efficiency solar cells"

Jean-François Guillemoles (École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, & CNRS), "Hot carriers solar cells"

Clas Persson (University of Oslo), "Electronic structure of I-III-VI2 chalcopyrite materials and their application for thin film solar cells"

Mathieu Luisier ( ETH Zürich), " Parallelization strategies for the NEGF Equations"


For the full programme in pdf format click here.