Conference Programme 

The Programme is available: Euro - TMCS II Program

(Please note the Program is subject to change).

Poster Guidelines

Posters should be prepared in A0 portrait. 

Programme & Abstract Booklet 

The Programme  & Book of Abstracts is available: Programme Abstract Booklet

Hard copies of the Booklet will be given to all attendees at registration.

(Please note the Booklet is subject to change).  

  • 9:00-9:30 Registration
    +Session D - Device Modelling - Invited talk
    Yann-Michel Niquet - Quantum modeling of nanoscale devices with Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions : from physics to engineering
    +Session D - Device Modelling
    Sergio García - Modelling of Thermal Boundary Resistance in a GaN Diode by means of Electro-Thermal Monte Carlo Simulationse
    Anna Price - Impact of oxide thickness on the performance of a GaAs nanowire field effect transistor
    Antonio Martinez - Effect of exchange-correlation in a FinFet device with dopants' clustering
    Raul Valin - Impact of Fixed Oxide Charge on Ultra-scaled FinFETs
    11:20-11:45 Coffee break
    +Session E - Optoelectronics
    Urs Aeberhard - Quantum-kinetic theory of non-radiative processes
    Pilar López Varo - Effect of the metal-organic interfaces in the modeling of organic solar cells
    Marco Califano - The nature of the PL decay kinetics in CdTe nanocrystals
    Sergio Illera Robles - Electronic transport in QD based structures: from basic parameters to opto-electronic device simulations
    Luca Bertoluzzi - Impedance Spectroscopy modelling for Perovskite Solar Cells
    13:25-15:00 Lunch
    +Session F - Quantum Dots & Wires
    Peter Kratzer - Atomistic calculation of the thermoelectric properties of Si nanowires
    Vihar Petkov Georgiev - Correlation of the quantum confinement, channel length and direction of device performance in cylindrical and elliptical silicon nanowires
    Riccardo Rurali - Heat transport across a SiGe nanowire axial junction:interface thermal resistance and thermal rectification
    Jacek M. Miloszewski - Influence of dielectric environment on exciton and bi-exciton properties in colloidal type II quantum dots
    José M. Llorens - Localization of the hole wavefunction in InAs/GaAsSb quantum dots
    Andrew Sills - Optical and Electronic Properties of InSb Nanocrystals
    17:00-18:30 Poster session/MedeA® hands-on
    18:30-20:00 Break
    20:00 Visit to Alhambra